It was the Riku-Ansem battle! 

I’m playing KH Final Mix on Proud and I had such a tough time with this one. On my 10th try I literally only had like 5 HP left, couldn’t get to my items fast enough (I had no MP left), and Riku (Ansem) had a small amount of health left. I was right in front of him and he was getting ready to do that sucky speed running move he does on low health. It was either do or die and thankfully I fit in one last combo fast enough before he could attack again and won! This was how I felt Sora looked during all that struggle. I certainly had to take a breather when it was over haha~

I’m proud of myself for doing this and I actually like it a lot. It has a background and everything! I enjoy looking at the progress shots because it makes me happy that I turned a simple sketch into the finished product you see. So I wanted to share here too. Enjoy! 

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